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74: 4 Essentials to Make Millions w/ TeQuila Shabazz

Updated: Mar 22

Scaling a service-based business can be really difficult, but when you have a clear purpose, strategic plan, strong faith and mindset, and a supportive network, it’s more than possible. Staying disciplined and persevering when challenges come your way are all the more easy to do when you know exactly where you’re trying to go.

Discussing her incredible business journey with me in today’s episode, a snippet from our “Millions in the Marketplace Challenge”, is TeQuila Shabazz, a visionary entrepreneur and the founder of “Qui Virtual Support Solutions”, a leading firm revolutionizing the virtual assistance industry. Under her visionary leadership, “Qui” has flourished, employing and training over 150 virtual assistants, serving over 200 businesses, and achieving seven figure annual revenue. Forbes has recognized her as a CEO to watch, and she is most proud of her role as a devoted wife and mother of two in Chicago, where she continues to shape the virtual support landscape with her unwavering commitment to excellence and transformative leadership.

If you’re ready to learn the four things you need to know in order to make millions and build the life of your dreams, tune in now!

In this episode, we’re talking about:

  • The four main things you need to consider in order to scale your business

  • The flexibility and faith required to get to six figures 

  • Creating your own company culture and being a leader you would want to work for

  • Metrics to track to see if you’re progressing towards your goals

Episode Breakdown

[00:49] What is the “Millions in the Marketplace Challenge”?

[03:01] A prayer for expanding beliefs

[04:15] Bio about guest speaker TeQuila Shabazz

[05:43] TeQuila shares about her journey into entrepreneurship 

[09:14] Getting to the first six figures: the four things to consider for profitability

[14:58] Mindset to take you to six figures and beyond

[21:15] How to persevere when the going gets tough

[25:35] Measuring success

[31:56] Are you afraid of going after the next big thing? 

[32:57] Connecting with TeQuila

074 - Transcript
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