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89: From Corporate to Running a 6-Figure Business w/ Fo Alexander

Tithing and sowing are two really important principles to live your life by as a Christian, and today’s guest, Fo Alexander shares in today’s episode all about why she has always tithed and sowed and will continue to do so. She also shares her story of how she pivoted her way to 6-figures in her business and how she uses systems to ensure she stays on track with everything she has to do. It’s another episode that’s sure to inspire you on your own journey to 6-figures and beyond!

Today’s guest, Faneisha “Fo” Alexander, is the founder of Mama & Money, a Certified Financial Education Instructor, financial expert, 2x author, and speaker. She has been teaching personal finances to women & youth for over a decade. After building an internationally recognized financial education & coaching company, Fo resigned from her corporate role to have more time freedom with her husband & kids. Today, she teaches other moms how to do the same. Her mission is to help moms make & manage money to become financially free.

In this episode, we’re talking about:

  • Fo’s six-figure business journey and how she pivoted her way there

  • Why tithing and sowing is so important to Fo

  • Systems that every business owner should implement

  • Listening to God’s plan for you and following through

Episode Breakdown

[02:26] Fo’s journey into entrepreneurship

[05:39] Knowing when to pivot & shift

[08:00] Pricing & managing the value of your services

[10:42] Transitioning in & out of the corporate space

[14:04] Tithing & sowing

[19:50] Fo’s journey to six figures as a service provider

[26:29] The key systems that speakers, coaches, & service providers should implement

[28:46] The biggest mistakes business owners make today

[30:29] How Fo handles struggles in her faith

[34:37] 3 things that every business owner needs to have in place to scale to six figures

[36:36] Fo’s advice to the woman afraid of going after her next big thing

[38:36] Stay connected with Fo

089 - Transcript
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