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91: From Engineer to 6-Figure Mompreneur w/ Chanel E. Martin

We’ve got another incredible guest on the Go-Getter Podcast today, who is going to be sharing her 6-figure journey and how she managed to move forward with God’s vision for her - even though it didn’t make any sense to her at the time.

Joining us today is Chanel E. Martin, an award winning serial entrepreneur, a Wake Up accountability coach and the founder of Beyond The Book Media. She is passionate about helping brands build wealth and establish authority via media books and entrepreneurship. As a master's degree chemical engineer, Chanel applies a systemic approach to business development and has helped thousands of business owners do the same. Known for her mantra, walk in your purpose and let your light shine, Chanel balances her professional achievements with being a dedicated wife and mother of four.

It’s an episode that tells the true tale of following through with God’s commandments to you even when you don’t understand it, and allowing yourself to see what He has in store for you.

In this episode, we’re talking about:

  • What led Chanel to starting all of her businesses

  • How to handle the feeling of what God is calling you to do doesn’t make sense in your life

  • Feeling like you’re not qualified but carrying on with God’s instructions anyway

  • Increasing the value of your service so that you can triple the price

Episode Breakdown

[02:15] How Chanel got started in her many business ventures

[10:12] Standing firm on what God has told you, even when it doesn’t make sense

[20:15] Navigating feelings of being unqualified and continuing to press on

[27:13] The 6-figure journey

[38:08] Redefining the value of your services

[41:26] Chanel’s number one tip for marketing high-ticket services

[42:52] The mindset shift to charging $10,000

[43:56] To the woman who’s afraid of going after her next big thing

[45:29] Stay connected with Chanel

091 - Transcript
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