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90: How to Make Consistent Sales in Your Business

Anyone who runs a business has been familiar with the feeling of sharing what you have for sale and only hearing crickets back. It can be really demoralizing as an entrepreneur, but there’s only three things you really need to do in order to start seeing sales coming in on a consistent basis, to help you work your way up to six-figures and even beyond that mark into seven-figures.

In today’s podcast episode, Candace is diving into the three main things you can implement to start bringing those sales into your business consistently. One of the main ways to start doing this is by actually treating your business in the way it deserves, and showing up for it like you would show up for your corporate job! Once you have this down, it will be so much easier to start to create the other two things you need to do, and you’ll learn more about them in the episode. 

In this episode, Candace is talking about:

  • The three main things you can do to start getting consistent sales in your business

  • Why it’s so important to show up consistently for your business like you would a job

  • What a marketing plan actually is and how you can implement one

  • How to get good at sales calls by creating a sales strategy

Episode Breakdown

[01:18] Candace’s experience with sales in her business

[02:16] Showing up consistently in the way your business deserves

[03:59] Make time to email your audience & acquire email addresses legally

[07:42] Creating a marketing plan of your marketing strategy

[12:16] Create a sales strategy to get people to spend their money with you

[16:12] Summarizing the three things you need to do

090 - Transcript
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Mentioned in the Episode:

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