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85: Scaling to 6-Figures & Beyond w/ Jessica Williams, Michelle Thames & Kelly Conley

Today is the last episode in our mini Go-Getter Confidential Virtual Summit 2023 series and today we have our amazing Day 3 guests joining us. Jessica, Michelle and Kelly are diving into how they’ve scaled to six-figures (and beyond!) and sharing behind the scenes information as to what they think were the essential elements in their journeys. We hope this episode encourages you to keep striving for all that you deserve!

Our first guest today is Jessica Williams, who is the CEO and founder of Irregular Exposure, a women’s ready to wear fashion label. She also has a second business called the Fashionpreneur Academy - a dynamic educational community where Jessica has been able to help and assist over 50,000 emerging and aspiring fashion designers and boutique owners start and scale their brands.

Next up we have Michelle Thames on the panel. Michelle is an online business and marketing strategist, and she helps creative entrepreneurs build passion-led businesses. She provides 1:1 consulting and mentoring for online business owners who want to grow and scale by leveraging organic digital marketing.

Finally, we have Kelly Conley joining us. Kelly is a systems coach and she helps entrepreneurs organize the back end of their business and how they're running things to prevent overwhelm. Her business was built off of faith when she realized that God didn’t want her to run a business while being stressed out, and she encourages her clients to turn to faith as well.

In this episode, we’re talking about:

  • The non-negotiables required to run a six-figure business

  • Why it’s so important to build a great team around you

  • The power of investing in yourself to get to six-figures quickly

  • Surrounding yourself with communities

Episode Breakdown

[03:34] A prayer for mindset shifts

[04:52] Introducing today’s speakers & what role faith has played in their business journeys

[09:31] Every six-figure business must have…

[15:52] Mindset shifts to get to six-figures & beyond

[29:04] Building a team to help your business succeed

[42:08] Investing in yourself

[59:27] The impact of community and mindset on entrepreneurial success

[01:11:23] Advice on going after your next big thing

[01:22:28] Stay connected with today’s speakers

085 - Transcript
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