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87: The Uncomfortable Journey to 6-Figures w/ Dr. Joy Harris

You are in for a treat in today’s episode! Candace is going to be interviewing a six-figure earner so you can learn all about how she’s scaled to six-figures (and beyond!) and see a snippet of behind the scenes in her business journey. That six-figure earner is the incredible Dr. Joy Harris, also known as The Shift Doctor. Dr. Joy will be sharing all about how she reached her first six-figure year during the pandemic, why staying faithful is important to her and why she believes her Clip Art fliers didn’t hold her back! 

Dr. Joy Harris is a shift speaker, author, leadership educator and Rebrandologist™️. She is the owner of Touch of Joy International, LLC and the founder of Touch of Joy Youth Foundation. Teaching leadership, entrepreneurial strategies, and mindset transformation across the globe, Dr. Joy is committed to creating a platform for women of color to flourish as community leaders and successful entrepreneurs. She is also dedicated to helping faith-based entrepreneurs make the shift from trading time for money to allowing money to work for them. Joy wholeheartedly believes, “When you shift your mind, you shift your life.”

In this episode, we’re talking about:

  • Why Joy takes a quarterly vacation to ensure she stays faithful to God

  • How Joy scaled to six-figures and what her business looked like when she did

  • Joy’s experience with marketing and her old Clip Art fliers

  • The best three pieces of advice Joy has to give to anyone looking to scale to six-figures 

Episode Breakdown

[00:43] Welcoming today’s guest, Dr. Joy Harris to the podcast

[02:43] Joy’s experience with faith in her business

[04:45] About Touch of Joy International and how Joy got to where she is

[08:10] The six-figure journey

[11:00] How Joy ensures spiritual growth and her approach to reading the Bible

[18:49] Where Joy was at when she made her first six-figures and what she was selling

[26:01] What Joy’s marketing looked like in that year

[32:33] Joy’s top three things you need to have in place to scale to six-figures

[34:00] Joy’s advice to the woman afraid of going after her next big thing

087 - Transcript
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