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84: Marketing & Social Media Strategy w/ Brianca Johnson, Ryan McCrary, & Christal Luster

Welcome back for Day 2 of the Go-Getter Confidential Virtual Summit from 2023! In this episode, we’re sharing with you an incredible discussion with Brianca, Ryan and Christal all about marketing, social media and showing up online confidently. If you’ve been putting off marketing your business, this episode is sure to light a fire under you!

Our first guest today is Brianca Johnson-Kirkman, a marketing strategist and coach, who aims to help entrepreneurs make marketing easy and sales simple. Her purpose, with the knowledge she gained as a formed digital director, is to help business owners get clear about their vision and purpose, create launch strategies that help them win and provide in sync support to empower them as the badass experts that they are.

We also have Ryan McCrary joining us today. Ryan is a Digital Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur, Speaker and he specializes in leveraging effective funnels with paid strategies together for online entrepreneurs - so they can maximize their impact, increase their profits, and stress less. He’s worked with countless business owners, managed over $500K in ad spend, and generated over $450 million in revenue for his clients.

Finally, we have Christal Luster on the panel today. She is a Chicago-based singer/songwriter, actress, published author, speaker and entrepreneur. In 2018, Christal started her career in film, and time spent in front of the camera also sparked an interest in production. That spark has fueled an ever growing passion that led her to start Christal Clear Productions, LLC - a boutique content creation company that specializes in serving small business owners and creatives alike. In 2020, Christal joined most creatives in the great migration to TikTok and developed a following from her comedic and relatable short form video content.

In this episode, we’re talking about:

  • Why marketing your business is so important (and not just using social media!)

  • Making creating content as a business owner easier

  • Showing up online authentically and confidently

  • Tools and softwares you can use to market your business

  • Deciding what platforms to be on and how to monetize them

Episode Breakdown

[03:00] A prayer for growth & wisdom

[04:22] Meet our summit guests

[09:53] The importance of marketing your business

[14:30] Marketing outside of social media

[18:09] One thing we wish business owners knew about marketing & social media

[28:29] Navigating content creation & engaging your audience

[42:10] Putting your authentic self out into the online space

[49:43] Our go-to marketing tools

[54:03] The importance of tagging & segmenting your email list

[56:04] Christal’s software recommendations

[58:24] What are funnels & why are they valuable to your business?

[01:03:00] How to determine what platforms to show up on

[01:08:24] Monetizing through social media & marketing campaigns

[01:22:26] Advice on going after your next big thing

[01:26:28] How to connect with today’s guests

084 - Transcript
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Tools & Softwares Mentioned Today:

Connect with Brianca:

Connect with Ryan:

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