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83: Elevating Your Faith w/ Ariel Fuller, Raevyn Hokett, Kristen Ward & Kwinetta Moore

If you missed the Go-Getter Confidential Virtual Summit back in 2023 - we’ve got you! This episode (and the following two!) will be recapping our amazing summit, complete with all the speakers who shared inspirational stories to inspire you to go after your dreams and God’s vision for your life. In today’s episode, we’re joined by some people you’re sure to know and love already - but if you don’t, you’re really in for a treat!

One of our guests today is Ariel Fuller, the world's youngest number one kingdom teaching professor and marketplace ministry entrepreneur. She is the co-owner and COO of Dunamis Woman Enterprise LLC, recognized as the world's number one faith based business that guides women on how to dig deeper in their faith and ignite that power by healing within the depths of their soul, so they may produce miraculous outcomes for their life, legacy, and relationships, through the art of prayer and spiritual warfare.

Also joining us is Raevyn Hokett, the founder of a ministry called Supernaturally Paid and owner of luxury handbag brand, Aundi. She’s been an entrepreneur since 2011 but everything changed for her in 2016 when she surrendered her life and business to God. Everything felt easier, and God gave her the roadmap to true freedom. To date, she has assisted over 1500 minority women with starting businesses and becoming self-employed. 

We also have Kristen Ward on the panel today, who is the founder and CEO of Abundant Life Coaching and Consulting and an internationally certified coach. Kristen provides dynamic signature offer & positioning strategy to coaches, consultants and course creators that aligns them with record breaking revenue and results to bring transformation to their audiences. Kristen believes that anyone can have a profitable business AND a profitable life when they connect to the right mindset, the right information, the right profit producing strategies and the right people. 

And last but not least, Kwinetta Moore is the owner of The House of Strategy and has over 10 years of experience as a licensed educator and over 8 years of experience as an entrepreneur. She has built countless brands and scaled many businesses through her knowledge of research-based instructional strategies, consumer behavior patterns, and marketing frameworks. Kwinetta and her husband also pastor a church in Georgia.

In this episode, we’re talking about:

  • Why it’s so important not to leave God out of your business

  • Our guests experiences of when it was important to remain faithful in business

  • Developing the mindset required to make money as a Christian without feeling guilty

  • Why you need to stop holding yourself back when it comes to going after the next big thing in your life

Episode Breakdown

[03:12] A prayer for transformation

[04:18] Introducing our virtual summit speakers

[10:01] The importance of holding faith in business

[26:36] Times that built our faith in business

[52:47] Navigating faith, money, and guilt

[01:21:58] Encouraging you to go after your next big thing

083 - Transcript
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