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80: From Educator to Making Millionaires w/ Brandy Woods

If you’ve ever felt like your faith has wavered when you’ve been challenged, today’s episode is an example in holding strong and waiting for God’s fulfillment of his promises to you. We’ve got another Millions in the Marketplace Challenge snippet, and this one features Brandy Woods, the amazing educator who now owns multiple seven figure companies.

Brandy is a whirlwind of charisma, passion and wisdom, known not just as a thought leader and change agent, but as the millionaire midwife of entrepreneurial dreams. She doesn't just walk the talk - she sprints it! Brandy's the leading visionary of childcare millionaires, after being in the childcare industry for eight years, she realized something was missing in the industry, which was support and community. She filled the gap by uniting childcare owners worldwide, to build successful childcare centers and create seven figure childcare owners.

To hear Brandy’s inspirational story of how she went from educator to owner of multiple thriving companies, tune in now!

In this episode, we’re talking about:

  • Seasons of “enough” in business and waiting for God’s fulfillment

  • Mindset shifts that are needed to get you to your first six figures

  • Why you need to change your environment to achieve the things you want to achieve

  • Living your best life and why you need to stop letting your fear hold you back

Episode Breakdown

[02:12] Brandy’s journey from education to becoming a fifth-generation entrepreneur

[05:03] The role that faith played in Brandy’s entrepreneurship journey

[07:52] Waiting on God’s fulfillment

[12:37] Brandy’s mindset shifts to get her to the first six figures

[17:40] Marketplace ministry and owning multiple seven figure companies

[21:21] Finding your circles and changing your environment

[26:54] Leveraging others’ knowledge to grow your business

[28:19] Managing your fear

080 - Transcript
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