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81: The Power of Investing to get to 7-Figures w/ Ariel Fuller

If there’s one thing that keeps coming up in our Millions in the Marketplace Challenge snippets is the importance of investing in yourself and finding the right leader for you to follow. In today’s episode, we’re hearing from the incredible Ariel Fuller who went from being on food stamps to making $3.3 million by the age of 33. She achieved this by overcoming her fear of success, opening up her hands to receiving what God wanted to give her and by investing in herself and her business. 

Ariel is the world's youngest number one kingdom teaching professor and marketplace ministry entrepreneur. She stands as a beacon of resilience, vocal powerhouse, and an unwavering devoted woman to her kingdom calling and purpose. Ariel is the co-owner and COO of Dunamis Woman Enterprise LLC, recognized as the world's number one faith based business that guides women on how to dig deeper in their faith and ignite that power by healing within the depths of their soul, so they may produce miraculous outcomes for their life, legacy, and relationships, through the art of prayer and spiritual warfare.

This episode is sure to inspire you to build your business and leave your legacy by following the big vision that God is ready to give you, so tune in now!

In this episode, we’re talking about:

  • The struggle of opening your hands to receive God’s promises of greater

  • Why it’s important to follow faith-based principles when running your own business

  • Investing in yourself and why you need to find your leader

  • Working out the math behind scaling to seven-figures

Episode Breakdown

[03:40] The plans that God had for Ariel

[06:13] Being afraid of success and opening up your mindset

[09:19] Following faith-based principles in business

[15:23] Seven-figure strategies

[19:52] The mathematical strategies behind $1,000,000

[23:00] How important it is to invest in yourself

[27:10] Fighting for your business like it was your child

081 - Transcript
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