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76: Million Dollar Mindset Shifts w/ Toyin Crandell

We all know how powerful mindset is, and none more so than today’s guest who featured in our Millions in the Marketplace Challenge. Joining us today is Toyin Crandell, who is the host of the Millionaire Money Podcast, a best-selling author, a financial mentor, an international speaker, and the founder of Money Mindset SHIFT. She specializes in helping business owners and career professionals ditch their limiting beliefs about money, design a simple, proven and customized financial freedom plan so they can build wealth, get rest and create a lasting legacy. She has coached thousands of individuals and families, helping them increase their wealth by $10s of millions of dollars and pay off millions of dollars of debt while enjoying their lives in the process.

In today’s episode, Toyin tells us all about her inspirational personal journey where she realized that money really did matter to her, and she started the process of building - wait for it - ELEVEN streams of income and running a multi-million dollar organization in the space of only four years. She is definitely someone who can show you what is actually possible when you align yourself with your financial goals! With her infectious energy and motivational story, you’re sure to love today’s episode.

In this episode, we’re talking about:

  • How Toyin realized that “money matters”

  • Toyin’s fear of money and why money became her idol

  • What the Bible truly says about money

  • Considering what other choices you have when it comes to taking your next steps in business

Episode Breakdown

[02:13] About our guest speaker Toyin Crandell

[03:10] Toyin shares about her business and personal background

[13:17] Navigating the relationship between money and God

[19:07] Toyin’s advice for believers who feel guilty or nervous about making money

[27:00] God, the Bible, and money

[27:30] Toyin’s advice for women who are afraid of going after the next big thing

[31:48] Stay connected with Toyin

076 - Transcript
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