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79: Making Millions through God's Grace w/ Ashley Kirkwood

We’ve got another Millions in the Marketplace Challenge segment for you today, and this time we’re hearing an amazing story from today’s guest expert, Ashley Kirkwood. Ashley is an Executive Sales and Mindset Coach and speaker, whose company “Speak Your Way to Cash”, generated just $800 in its first year - but now makes seven figures per year. After graduating top of her class at Northwestern Law and going to trial around the country for Fortune 100 corporations, Ashley left her mid-six-figure salary to be a full-time entrepreneur. Now, Ashley runs both a law firm and a speaking business, where she speaks at colleges, conferences and corporations around the world delivering her signature speech, The Currency of Confidence.

Ashley is definitely an inspiration if you are worried about making the leap from employed to running your own business, as her experience of leaving well-respected law firms that treated her poorly and also her strong faith in God, allowed her to be relentless when building her business - initially just to replace that salary, but ultimately now making over a million a year. In today’s episode, she shares her story, her constant pursuit of greatness and why she believes that kingdom entrepreneurs are able to have it all.

In this episode, we’re talking about:

  • The transition Ashley took to leave her multi-six-figure salary and start her own business

  • Mindset shifts that are required to scale your business up to seven-figures

  • How talking about God and living in abundance makes Ashley more money

  • Believing in yourself and that you’re ready for more

Episode Breakdown

[02:12] How Ashley realized she needed to leave corporate and go out on her own

[09:21] The mindset that took Ashley from $800 a year to seven figures a year

[15:47] Taking the leap of faith: Closing the law business to go fully in on Speak Your Way to Cash

[21:34] Why talking about God makes Ashley more money

[26:04] The transition out of corporate and how Ashley made it work

[30:21] Fighting for your confidence and praying for more

[34:06] Where does the spirit of fear come from?

079 - Transcript
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