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82: My $0 to 6-Figure Journey! Bold & Courageous Faith

The concept of “bold and courageous faith” is not Candace’s - it’s a biblical one. Never forget that God said in Joshua 1:9, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”. In this verse, He is instructing us to follow through with what He has commanded us to do and we need to move forward with and trust in God’s vision for us instead of operating from a place of fear. 

In today’s podcast episode, Candace is sharing with us her life and business journey, from her upbringing and starting her first business, to corporate America and the early days of Epic Fab Girl. She really goes deep into her history and how she got to where she currently is, emphasizing that God had a vision for her that she had to boldly and courageously follow.

In this episode, Candace is talking about:

  • Candace’s upbringing and how her dad’s business influenced her

  • How Candace’s first business in hair extensions came to be

  • God’s influence after Candace left corporate America

  • Scaling Epic Fab Girl up to 6-figures in just one year

Episode Breakdown

[00:46] What is in Candace’s session at the Go-Getter Confidential Virtual Summit?

[03:17] A prayer for the Go-Getter Gang

[05:27] The Bible’s words on being bold and courageous

[08:48] Candace’s experience and why you should listen to her

[13:45] What God will do for you if you have faith in Him

[21:11] Candace’s family and upbringing

[25:41] The first business: sew ins and hair extensions

[29:09] Corporate America and God beginning to shift things

[34:45] Starting afraid and the Epic Fab Girl blog

[37:56] Nothing is too hard for God

[41:38] Scaling Epic Fab Girl

082 - Transcript
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Mentioned in the Episode:

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