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77: The Secret to Consistency with Your Marketing

Updated: Apr 5

There are a lot of things that are common for entrepreneurs to struggle with, but one of the most common things is staying consistent with your marketing. When it comes down to it, if you want to make money in your business, you have to be marketing - and doing it consistently. It’s no use just doing it when you’re in the mood for it, and there are a few things you can do that will ensure you can stay consistently releasing content.

Candace has worked out a few techniques that she likes to use to remain consistent and that’s what she’s going to be sharing with you in today’s episode of the Go-Getter Podcast.

In this episode, Candace will be talking about:

  • Why it’s vital to stay consistent with your marketing

  • The importance of understanding your goals behind your marketing

  • How to get ahead so that you can remain consistent

  • Why Candace doesn’t like to create content in the moment

Episode Breakdown

[00:45] The number one thing entrepreneurs struggle with

[02:10] Knowing your mission and goals for your marketing

[03:04] Having clarity on your offer

[04:18] Planning out your marketing

[08:15] Batching your content

[10:37] Thoughts on creating content in the moment

077 - Transcript
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Mentioned in the Episode:

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