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86: How to Clarify & Reach Your Target Audience

If there’s one question that everyone needs the answer to, it’s “how do I clarify and reach my target audience?”! It comes up so frequently that we’ve created this podcast episode to answer just that. If your current target audience is women between the ages of 18 and 45, this is the episode for you!

Getting really specific on your target audience can work wonders for increasing sales and visibility, because you are talking to a group of people who know that you’re talking exclusively to them. It will be almost as if you’re actually calling their name, because your content will resonate with them so much. Having a wider target audience isn’t a good thing, as you can’t help everyone in business - there’s over 8 billion people on the planet, so there will definitely be a niche group that you can talk to without fear of the market being saturated.

You’ll find that business gets easier when you get audience clarity and suddenly you know exactly where to find them - so tune in now to learn Candace’s tips on how to do just that!

In this episode, Candace is talking about:

  • Getting much more specific about who you’re talking to

  • How George Washington Carver got more and more specific until God revealed his niche purpose

  • Discovering where your audience is and what stage they’re at

  • Messaging, reach, positioning and placement

Episode Breakdown

[00:50] The question Candace gets asked all the time!

[03:15] Getting specific on your audience

[07:14] The dress analogy

[09:44] What can the story of George Washington Carver teach us about clarity?

[13:08] Figuring out what stage your audience is at on their journey

[14:50] Finding & showing up where your audience is

[16:05] Using positioning & placement to reach your audience

[17:53] What does effective messaging look like?

[20:57] A quick recap

086 - Transcript
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